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Unique Moments Festival - Landesmuseum Zurich, May 29th - June 2nd

Mitski - Theater 11 Zurich, May 30th

The Dire Straits Experience - Theater 11 Zurich, May 29th

Beth Gibbons - Theater 11 Zurich, May 28th

Red Bull Jukebox - The Hall Zurich, May 25th

Apache 207 - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 24th

Harlem Globetrotters - St. Jakobshalle Basel, May 5th

Mark Forster - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 4th

J Balvin - Hallenstadion Zurich, April 30th

Calum Scott - The Hall Zurich, April 29th

The Musical Box - Volkshaus Zurich, April 23rd

Darius Rucker - Kaufleuten Zurich, April 21st

Scooter - Hallenstadion Zurich, April 16th

Anirudh - Hallenstadion Zurich, April 6th

Tom Odell - The Hall Zurich, April 6th

The Simon & Garfunkel Story - Volkshaus Zurich, April 6th

Jason Derulo - Hallenstadion Zürich, March 29th

Provinz - Halle 622 Zurich, March 29th

The Rose - The Hall Zurich, March 26th

Parov Stelar - X-Tra Zurich, March 21st

Roisin Murphy - X-Tra Zurich, March 20th

Loreena McKennitt - The Hall Zurich, March 15th

Idles - Halle 622 Zurich, March 14th

Kontra K - Hallenstadion Zurich, March 8th

Meute - Halle 622 Zurich, March 7th

Nils Frahm - KKL Lucerne, March 5th

James Blunt - Hallenstadion Zurich, March 1st

Brad Paisley - The Hall Zurich, February 28th

Luciano - Hallenstadion Zurich, February 28th

Yann Tiersen - Xtra Zurich, February 25th

The Billy Joel Songbook - Volkshaus Zurich, February 24th

Nothing But Thieves - The Hall Zurich, February 19th

Giant Rooks - Halle 622 Zurich, February 18th

Laura Pausini - Hallenstadion Zurich, February 15th

Electric Callboy - St. Jakobshalle Basel, February 10th

Piaf The Show - Musical Theater Basel, February 9th

James Arthur - Volkshaus Zurich, February 4th


Ligabue - Hallenstadion Zurich, December 28th

Helge Schneider - KKL Lucerne, December 10th

Daniel Sloss - Kongresshaus Zurich, December 3rd

Björk - Hallenstadion Zurich, November 28th

Beatrice Egli - KKL Lucerne, November 23rd

Deine Freunde - Volkshaus Zurich, November 5th

One Vision of Queen - The Hall Zurich, October 25th

Louis Tomlinson - Hallenstadion Zurich, October 23rd

Matteo Bocelli - Volkshaus Zurich, October 23rd

Hauser - Hallenstadion Zurich, October 16th

PJ Harvey - Volkshaus Zurich, October 16th

PJ Harvey - Volkshaus Zurich, October 15th

Hania Rani - KKL Lucerne, October 13th

Luke Combs - The Hall Zurich, October 10th

AR Rahman - Hallenstadion Zurich, October 8th

AR Rahman - Hallenstadion Zurich, October 7th

Julia Engelmann - Volkshaus Zurich, September 29th

Two Steps from Hell - Hallenstadion Zurich, September 29th

Jeremias - Halle 622 Zurich, September 29th

B.I. - Volkshaus Zurich, September 27th

Stephan Eicher - Landesmuseum Zurich, September 18th

Nils Frahm - Landesmuseum Zurich, September 16th

The Bosshoss - Halle 622 Zurich, September 16th

Kraftwerk - Landesmuseum Zurich, September 14th

Christine & the Queens - Landesmuseum Zurich, September 13th

Night of the Jumps - Hallenstadion Zurich, September 9th

Havasi - The Hall Zurich, September 9th

AnnenMayKantereit - Hallenstadion Zurich, September 5th

Muse - Bernexpo Areal Bern, July 12th

Elton John - Hallenstadion Zurich, July 2nd

Elton John - Hallenstadion Zurich, July 1st

Billy F. Gibbons - Volkshaus Zurich, June 29th

Rammstein - Wankdorf Bern, June 18th

Rammstein - Wankdorf Bern, June 17th

Bon Iver - The Hall Zurich, June 15th

Bruce Springsteen - Letzigrund Zurich, June 13th

Peter Fox - Volkshaus Zurich, June 5th

Luke Mockridge - Hallenstadion Zurich, June 1st

Herbert Grönemeyer - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 31st

Eros Ramazzotti - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 17th

Sam Smith - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 16th

Helmut Lotti - Theater 11 Zurich, May 14th

Jim Jefferies - Volkshaus Zurich, May 3rd

Tori Amos - Volkshaus Zurich, April 30th

Tom Segura - Volkshaus Zurich, April 28th

Maneskin - Hallenstadion Zurich, April 26th

Roger Waters - Hallenstadion Zurich, April 25th

Felix Lobrecht - The Hall Zurich, April 25th

Felix Lobrecht - The Hall Zurich, April 24th

Electric Callboy - The Hall Zurich, April 22nd

Avril Lavigne - The Hall Zurich, April 21st

Felix Lobrecht - The Hall Zurich, April 17th

Van Morrison - KKL Lucerne, April 13th

Van Morrison - KKL Lucerne, April 12th

Johannes Oerding - Hallenstadion Zurich, April 1st

Queen Extravaganza - The Hall Zurich, March 24th

Chippendales - Volkshaus Zurich, March 21st

Chippendales - Volkshaus Zurich, March 20th

Silbermond - The Hall Zurich, March 10th

George Ezra - Hallenstadion Zurich, February 25th

Michael Bublé - Hallenstadion Zurich, February 19th

Michael Patrick Kelly - Hallenstadion Zurich, February 10th

Danger Dan - Tonhalle Zurich, February 3rd

The Rose - Volkshaus Zurich, January 25th

Jan Böhmermann - Volkshaus Zurich, January 5th


Nightwish - Hallenstadion Zurich, December 16th

Marteria - The Hall Zurich, December 15th

Litfiba - Volkshaus Zürich, December 15th

Dire Straits Experience - The Hall Zurich, December 14th

Ennio Morricone Celebration - Hallenstadion Zurich, December 8th

Konstantin Wecker - KKL Luzern, December 5th

Gianna Nannini - Hallenstadion Zurich, December 1st

Bastille - Halle 622 Zurich , November 27th

Trixie & Katya - The Hall Zurich, November 21st

The Cure - St. Jakobshalle Basel, November 19th

Hecht - Hallenstadion Zurich, November 4th

Rise Against - Halle 622 Zurich, November 3rd

Placebo - The Hall Zurich, October 28th

Chris de Burgh - The Hall Zurich, October 22nd

Harlem Globetrotters - Hallenstadion Zurich, October 20th

Editors - Volkshaus Zurich, October 19th

Deep Purple - Hallenstadion Zurich, October 15th

Eric Clapton - Hallenstadion Zurich, October 14th

Alan Walker - Halle 622 Zurich, October 14th

Il Divo - The Hall Zurich, October 12th

Parcels - Volkshaus Zurich, October 10th

Milky Chance - Halle 622 Zurich, October 8th

Parov Stelar - The Hall Zurich, October 8th

Sigur Ros - Halle 622 Zurich, October 7th

Clueso - Volkshaus Zurich, October 5th

Alvaro Soler - Halle 622 Zurich, September 28th

David Garrett - Hallenstadion Zurich, September 25th

Anastacia - The Hall Zurich, September 19th

Paw Patrol Live - Hallenstadion Zurich, September 18th

Calum Scott, Volkshaus Zurich, September 16th

Olafur Arnalds - KKL Luzern, September 12th

Biffy Clyro - The Hall Zurich, September 12th

Wincent Weiss - Hallenstadion Zurich, September 10th

Peter Maffay - Hallenstadion Zurich - September 6th

Jan Delay - Volkshaus Zurich, July 4th

Queen + Adam Lambert - Hallenstadion Zurich, June 28th

Nick Mason - KKL Luzern, June 24th

Pearl Jam - Hallenstadion Zurich, June 23rd

Beck - Volkshaus Zurich, June 22nd

The Rolling Stones - Stadion Wankdorf Bern - CANCELLED

Olivia Rodrigo - Halle 622 Zurich, June 15th

Lorde - Halle 622 Zurich, June 13th

Daniel Sloss - Volkshaus Zurich, June 10th

Imagine Dragons - Stadion Wankdorf Bern, June 9th

Zucchero - Hallenstadion Zurich, June 5th

Elton John - Stadion Wankdorf Bern, June 1st

Rammstein - Stadion Letzigrund Zurich, May 31st

Rammstein - Stadion Letzigrund Zurich, May 30th

Luke Mockridge - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 29th

Sunrise Avenue - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 24th

Sunrise Avenue - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 23rd

Scooter - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 19th

ZAZ - Kongresshaus Zurich, May 17th

Conan Gray - Volkshaus Zurich, May 17th

One Republic - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 16th

Pet Shop Boys - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 15th

Simple Minds - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 14th

5 Seconds of Summer - Halle 622 Zurich, May 2nd

Chilly Gonzales - Theater 11 Zurich, April 28th

Chilly Gonzales - Casino Bern, April 26th

Dita von Teese - Theater 11 Zurich, April 25th

ZAZ - KKL Luzern, April 12th

Nothing But Thieves - Halle 622 Zurich, April 11th

Louis Tomlinson - Halle 622 Zurich, April 9th

The War on Drugs - Halle 622 Zurich, April 4th

Maluma - Hallenstadion Zurich, March 20th

Kings of Convenience - Theater 11 Zurich, March 17th

Paul Kalkbrenner - The Hall Zurich, March 12th

Amy MacDonald - The Hall Zurich, March 10th

James Blunt - Hallenstadion Zurich, March 9th

Bryan Adams - Hallenstadion Zurich, February 5th


...still affected by the consequences of Covid-19, we managed to deliver just a few shows.

Pegasus - Hallenstadion Zurich, October 1st

Night of the Jumps - St. Jakobshalle Basel, September 25th

Unique Moments Festival - Landesmuseum Zurich, September


...and then there was Covid-19

Christian Löffler - Volkshaus Zurich, September 1st

Die Drei ??? - Volkshaus Zurich, February 26th

Die Drei ??? - Volkshaus Zurich, February 25th

Lennon Stella - Kaufleuten Zurich, February 16th

Brett Eldredge - Kaufleuten Zurich, January 22nd


Bryan Adams - Hallenstadion  Zurich, December 13th

Konstantin Wecker - KKL Lucerne, December 10th

Sarah Connor - Hallenstadion, December 1st

NEK - Volkshaus Zurich, November 20th

World Wrestling - Hallenstadion Zurich, November 13th

The Vamps - X-Tra Zurich, November 8th

César Millan - St. Jakobshalle Basel, November 2nd

Chris de Burgh - Samsung Hall, October 26th

Celtic Women - Theater 11 Zurich, October 23rd

Il Divo - Hallenstadion Zurich, October 16th

James Morisson - Volkshaus Zurich, October 5th

Chippendales - Volkshaus Zurich, October 12th

Chippendales - Volkshaus Zurich, October 11th

Cher - Hallenstadion Zurich, October 9th

Jethro Tull - Musical Theater Basel, October 9th

Khalid - Samsung Hall Zurich, October 8th

Michael Bublé - Hallenstadion Zurich, Sept 25th

Luis Fonsi - Samsung Hall, August 13th

P!NK - Letzigrund Zurich, July 30th

Take That - Hallenstadion Zurich, June 30th

EAV - Theater 11 Zurich, June 29th

Flying Bach - Theater 11 Zurich, June 22nd

Phil Collins - Letzigrund Zurich, June 18th

Cirque du Soleil - Zurich, June 16th

Cirque du Soleil - Zurich, June 15th

Cirque du Soleil - Zurich, June 14th

Cirque du Soleil - Zurich, June 13th

Bryan Ferry - KKL Lucerne, June 13th

Cirque du Soleil - Zurich, June 12th

Little Steven - Kaufleuten Zurich, June 11th

Manowar - Hallenstadion Zurich, June 8th

Gunna - Komplex 457 Zurich, May 31st

Night of the Jumps - Hallenstadion, May 25th

Hugh Jackman -  Hallenstadion Zurich, May 19th

David Garrett - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 14th

Enrique Iglesias - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 10th

Mark Knopfler - Hallenstadion Zurich, May 9th

Dido - Volkshaus Zurich, May 7th

Mumford & Sons - St. Jakobshalle, May 5th

Bob Dylan - Fevi Locarno, April 22nd

Claudio Baglioni - Zurich, April 7th

Shawn Mendes - Hallenstadion, March 31st

Nicki Minaj - Hallenstadion Zurich, March 27th

Eros Ramazotti - Hallenstadion Zurich, March 25th

Loreena McKennitt - Samsung Hall, March 21st

Herbert Grönemeyer - Hallenstadion, March 17th

Mike Shinoda - Halle 622 Zurich, March 17th

CNCO - Volkshaus Zurich, March 17th

Yann Tiersen - KKL Lucerne, March 13th

Rock Meets Classic - Hallenstadion, March 6th

BBC Blue Planet - Hallenstadion, March 1st

Helmut Lotti - Theater 11 Zurich, February 27th

Bruce Dickinson - Zurich, February 27th

Jack & Jack - X-Tra Zurich, February 26th

Shakin Stevens - Volkshaus, February 20th

Maneskin - Kaufleuten Zurich February 12th

Die Fantastischen Vier - Hallenstadion, January 6th



Bodyguard The Musical 2019 Tour - Germany

Dirty Dancing The Musical 2019 Tour - Switzerland

Dirty Dancing The Musical 2019 Tour - Germany

West Side Story 2019 Tour - Australia

West Side Story 2019 Tour - New Zealand

West Side Story 2019 Tour - Germany

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